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In 2009 I delivered our first beautiful baby at 35 weeks gestation.  The fear and uncertainty that surrounded her birth was more than a first time parent should have to face.  Then in 2012, after a very complicated pregnancy, our second darling girl was born at 28 weeks 4 days gestation.  It's the difficult birth of and ensuing NICU stay that our youngest peanut that inspired me to design this bundle.  I wanted to create designs that allow NICU parents to document the not so typical journey that their little ones face.


All of that said, despite the fact that this bundle revolves around prematurity, I wanted to design assets in such a way that they're versatile enough to use in virtually any baby layout.  Beyond that, there are specific kits within the bundle that would be a wonderful addition to any stash and that can easily be incorporated into any layout.


This standalone pack of 54 unique element templates is a part of the 'Tiny, But Mighty' bundle.  It includes...

10 Preemie Medical Elements - 1 child's surgical mask, 2 CPAP nose masks, 2 nasal prongs, 3 BP cuffs, 1 syringe, and 1 stethoscope

10 Standard Elements - 1 angel pin, 1 scatter, 1 bead string, 1 button, 1 doily, 1 gem, 1 paper heart, 1 lace border, 1 butterfly, and 1 metal fastener

6 Shape Masks - 2 teddy bears, 2 ducks, 1 giraffe, 1 kangaroo, 1 footprint, and 1 photo frame

6 Standard Baby Elements - 1 burlap teddy bear, 1 diaper, 1 nasal aspirator, 1 pacifier, 1 rubber duck, 1 safetypin

4 Articles of Preemie or Baby Clothing - 2 hats, 1 headband, and 1 pair of socks

2 Bunting Templates (.psd format)

1 Date Wheel Template (.psd format)

1 Heart Clothespin Template (psd. format)

2 Frames - 1 wooden the other a film strip

4 Word Art Circles

3 Circle doodles

3 Bows




Each of the elements are 300ppi for superb print quality and come with a commercial use license.  Before purchasing this product, please take the time to read our terms of use.

Please note that this is a digital product available for download, you will receive no physical product.

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Tiny, But Mighty - Element Templates Kit

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